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Digital Marketing Training, conceived by experts, managed by strategists and course is delivered collectively with result-driven for working professionals,  local […]

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Education is the best way for making a beautiful and wonderful country. everybody needs to education for our country and […]

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About Click Perfect

Digital Marketing, SEO/PPC/SEM & Website Training Institute

We are all in one complete Digital Marketing, Web designing & Software Training institute since 2011  

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What We Do

Classroom Training

We provide classroom digital marketing course in our south delhi based training institute on live projects for students & working professionals.

Classroom Training

We provide classroom digital marketing course in our south delhi based training institute on live projects for students & working professionals.

Corporate Training

We also organize digital marketing workshops and training in colleges and universities in Delhi/NCR and available for corporate training in your organization.

Corporate Training

We also organize digital marketing workshops and training in colleges and universities in Delhi/NCR and available for corporate training in your organization.

Online Training

Our trainers are available for instructor-led online digital marketing training for those who can’t attend classroom training due to their busy working schedules.

Online Training

Our trainers are available for instructor-led online digital marketing training for those who can’t attend classroom training due to their busy working schedules.




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Happy Students

Digital Marketing Course

Detailed Course Modules

In this course module, you will be learning the hidden potential of digital marketing and what else can be done with digital marketing school and future scope and much more information other than what you currently know about digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Overview

What is Digital Marketing Exactly?

Why Digital Marketing is the Only Choice?

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing

Understanding Traffic, Rank, Leads, etc

Website, Blog, Portals & Search Engines Explanation

Understanding Domain Name, WWW & Hosting Server

The benefit of Using Digital Marketing as a Marketing Mix

Understanding Automation in Digital Marketing

Why Everyone Should Learn Digital Marketing?

Benefits / Career Opportunities in the Digital Marketing Industry

Unlimited question answer to clarify all your doubts and queries related to what digital marketing is, how it can be helpful for you in any stage of life.

What is a Website?

Benefits of Owning a Website

Types of Website & Portals

Requirements & Cost to Create a Website

Understanding Domain, Server, HTTPS & Other Technicals

Buying a Perfect Domain For Your Website

Purchasing a Hosting Server & Configuring with Domain

Understanding Different Types of Web Technology & CMS’s

WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Blogspot, Weebly & Wix (Explanation)

Features, Benefits & Showcase of WordPress

Installing WordPress Website CMS on Server

Understanding WordPress Themes & Plugins

Configuring WordPress Website Settings

WordPress for Corporate Website Vs Blog (settings) 

Theme Selection and Customization (as per your niche selection)

Conversion Focused Home Page Designing

Designing Service/Products Pages

Contact us, About us, & Other Required Pages

WordPress Photo Gallery & Multimedia Settings

Understanding Required Legal Pages on a Website

How to add Additional Required Functionality on Website

Chat, Popup, Contact form & Email Subscription

Plugin Installation & Configuration (multiple)

Yoast SEO Plugin for Website Optimization

WordPress Website Security

Backup & Restore of a Website (how to do for any website)

WordPress Hidden Features (explanation)

How to create any kind of Website using WordPress (Tips & Advice)


Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engines?

Types Of Search Engines?

How Search Engines Works?

Understanding Search Algorithms

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What are Keywords & How it Works

Website Indexing in Search Engines

Understanding Popularity & Ranking

Meta Tags & Meta Data

SEO Copywriting Techniques

On page Optimization (complete)

Off Page Optimization (complete)

Link Building (Strategies)

Local SEO Optimization (strategies)

UI/UX – User Experience Optimization

Website Structure Optimization

Schema Data Implementation

404 Errors, Sitemap & Robots Txt

Technical SEO Optimization

Black Hat & and Grey Hat SEO Techniques

SEO Tools, Tricks & Strategies

Measuring SEO Performance & Reporting

What is Social Media?

Why Social Media is Important?

Social Media Optimization Vs Marketing

Primary Social Media Platform for Business

Social Media & Business Branding

How Social Media Impact Site Ranking in Search

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus & Pinterest

Setting Up Business Page/Profile on Primary Channels

Social Media Business Page /Profile Optimization

Different Features available for Business (explanation of all platform)

Best Practice of Using Graphics & Multimedia

Social Media Post & Graphics Designing Tools

Creating First Promotional Post for all Platforms

Increasing Likes, Followers & Post Engagement

Social Media Extensions & Plugins for Website Integration

Understanding Social Media Influence

Understanding Earning Opportunity from Social Media

Social Media Open Graph Meta Data

Advertisement Account Setup on all Platforms

Overview of all Features in Ads Dashboard

Understanding Ad Campaign Structures 

Creating a Sponsored Ad Campaign

Understanding Pixel & Remarketing

Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Etiquettes (Do & Don’ts)

Everything will be covered on above mentioned primary social platforms.

What is Google Adwords (PPC) ?

Understanding Concept of Online Advertisement

How Google Adwords Program Works

Setting Up Adwords Account

Google Adwords Ads & Ad Networks Types

Google Adwords Campaign Types

Google Adword Express Vs Regular Adwords

Understanding Pricing Model

What is CPC, CPM & CPA Ads

Billing and Payment Settings

Adwords User Interface Dashboard Overview

Keywords & Customer Research

Understanding Keyword Match Types

Adwords Account Structure

Creating Search Campaigns

Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads (explanation)

Display Campaign Creation

Video Campaigns

Adwords Shopping Ads 

Mobile App Installation Ad Campaign

Google Adwords Extensions

Mobile Device Targeting

Adwords Bidding Types & Strategies

Landing Pages Best Practice

Conversion Tracking Code Setup

Remarketing Ads in Adwords

Campaigns & Ads Optimization

Understanding Ad Ranking

Google Adwords Tools 

3rd Party Tools for Adwords

Google Analytics -Adwords Integration

Measuring Ads Result Matrix

Google Adwords Reporting

Understanding Ad Policy and Rules 

Google Adwords Exam & Certification

What is Email Marketing 

Commercial email Vs Business email

Understanding Permission-Based Email Marketing

Single Opt-In Mail Vs Double Opt-In Mail

Extracting & Collecting Email Data

Subscriber Opt-In & Opt-Out Option Integration on Site

Email Marketing Server Setup Process

Email Marketing Service Provider ESP’s

Amazon SES Email Marketing Service 

Designing Email Marketing Campaign

Email Copywriting Best Practice

Sending and Analyzing Campaigns Report

Handling Response from Email Campaigns

Understanding SPF, DKIM, IP Blacklisting/Whitelisting

EMail Marketing CAN-SPAM Law

SPAM Folder Delivery Factors & How to Avoid

Tools ,Templates & Worksheet for Email Marketing

What is Google My Business 

Google My Business Impact on Ranking

Understanding Google Local Results

Setting Up Google My Business Listing

Business Listing Verification

Business Profile Completion

Dashboard all Features Overview

Managing Business Reviews, Traffic & Response

Google My Business Insights

Dealing with Negative Reviews

Google Local Business ranking Factors

Improving Google My Business rank

Understanding Google My Business Policy & Rules

What is Web Analytics?

Google Analytics Vs other Analytics Tools

Google Analytics Features Overview

Google Analytics Account Setup

Analytics Code Integration on Website/Blog

Measurements to Metrics & Data

Understanding Accounts, Profile & View

Analytics Report  Sorting

Real-Time Traffic Report Analysis

Understanding New Visitors Vs Returning Visitors

Audience Report Analysis

Traffic Behaviour Segmentation

Search, Paid & Social Traffic Filtration

eCommerce Traffic Segmentation

Remarketing Audience Segmentation

Custom View Setting

IP Filtration Setting

Goal and Conversion Reports

Intelligence Report & Bounce Rate

Google Analytics Reports & Action Plan

What is Google Search Console? (formerly google webmaster tool)

Features & Advantage of Using Search Console

Setting Up Google Search Console Account

Adding & Managing Property (websites & app)

Website Ownership Verification code Integration

Language & Location Targeting Setting

Sitemap & Robots Txt Testing and Submission

Search Traffic, Keywords, Rank Position Analysis

External & Internal Links Analysis

Google Index Status Analysis

Managing Crawling Errors & Issues

Managing Website Security Issues

Website Spam & Hacking Issues Analysis

Using Structured Data Markup Tool

Using Multiple Sites in Webmaster

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation Plan & Strategy

Different Source of Lead Generation Analysis

Why Your Website is Not Generating Leads (Analysis)

Effective Copywriting to Increase Leads

Effective Landing Page Strategy

Creating Effective Lead Generation Campaigns

Free & Paid Lead Generation Campaigns Sources

Tools, Plugins & Landing Page Creation Tools 

Lead Funnel & Lead Warm Up Process

Leads & Contact List Management

Client Relationship Management Softwares

Webhooks & Connectors to stop Leads Leakage

Lead Generation & Management Automation

Strategy, Worksheet & Checklist for lead Generation

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce Plan & Requirements

Creating an eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website Settings (product & delivery etc)

eCommerce Themes, Plugins & CMS’s

Product , Category & Product Details Creation

Adding/Uploading Products on Website

eCommerce Website Promotion strategy

SEO for eCommerce Website

Products  Remarketing, Cross Up/Down Selling 

Understanding Coupon System

Product Review System (on your store)

Payment Gateway for eCommerce Site

Indian  Payment Gateway Vs Global Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway Integration (Paypal / Payumoney)

https:// Security for eCommerce Website

Must have Extensions & Plugins

eCommerce Website Management Tools

What is Affiliate Marketing

Sources to Make Money Online

Why Affiliate is Evergreen Option

Requirements to Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Program Selection (niche selection)

Applying or an Affiliate Program

Building Assets for Affiliate Promotion

Payment & Payouts Settings

CPC, CPA, CPI & Other Metrics

Promoting Affiliate Products

SEO Strategies for Affiliates

Blogging for Affiliate Promotion

Different ways to Monetize Your Affiliate SIte

Affiliate Marketing Extensions & Plugins

Performance Metrics Analyzation

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate Marketing Tools of the Trade

What is Blog & Blogging?

Business Blogging Vs Blogging for Earning

Why You Start a Blog

3rd Party Blog Platform Vs Self Hosted Blog

Niche Research & Selection

Domain & Hosting for Blog

Blog Installation using Self Hosted WordPress 

Blog Customization & Branding

Blog Content Creation

Setting Up Social Media for Blog

Newsletter Subscription Setup 

Blog Monetization Techniques

Different Ways to Earn from a Blog

SEO Strategy for Blog Promotion

Networking with Other Bloggers in Your Niche

Steps to Become a Popular Blogger

Must-Have Tools & Plugins for Blog Management


What is the Google Adsense Program

How Google Adsense Works

Requirements to apply for Google Adsense

Creating Important Blog Pages for Adsense

Applying for Google Adsense

Getting Adsense Account Approval

Adsense Dashboard Features Overview

Payment Setting in Adsense

Google Adsense all Features Explanation

Creating First Ad Code for Blog

Code Implementation on Your Blog

Ads Optimization to increase Clicks & Earning

Understanding Auto Ads in Adsense

Ads Category Blocking & Allowing

Ads Dimension & Design in Adsense

Google Adsense Plugin to Manage Ads Code

Google Adsense Policy & Guidelines

What is Drop-shipping Business?

Who can start drop-shipping business to earn online?

Learn how the drop shipping business model works

Identifying Your Niche

Start with Shopify & Ali Express / Amazon

Creating Your own eCommerce Store

Finding a Product to Sell and Supplier

Product API Integration

Finding the right Product in your niche

Finding a Product – Directories, Wholesalers, and Google

Getting Your First Sale Order

Management & Promotion Tools

Scaleup Your Dropshipping Business


YouTube & Video Marketing

Why Youtube is important in DM?

YouTube Vs other Video Platform

Youtube Channel Plan & Creation

Creating Youtube Channel

Overview of Dashboard Features

Verifying Youtube Channel Authentication

Channel & Website/Blog Integration

Custom Channel URL Creation

Channel Art & Branding Design

Watermark Logo Setting 

Featured Content Settings

Channel Main Trailer Setting 

Uploading Videos on Youtube

Individual Video Settings

Playlist Creation 

Video Privacy Settings

Understanding Youtube Algorithms

Promotion of Your Videos & Channel

SEO  & Meta Data for Youtube Videos

Understanding Video Ranking Factors

Youtube Monetization for Earning

Applying Google Adsense for YouTube

Different Ways to Earn from YouTube

Understanding Youtube RED

Understanding YouTube Creator Library

Tools to increase Subscriber, Traffic, Engagement & Video Rank

What Is CRO?
Term List And Lingo
Introduction To Optimization
The Role Of Optimization
Usability Hub Screen Flow
Heatmaps & Recordings
Contact Form Analysis
Identifying & Prioritizing Tests
Page Identification
Page Prioritization
Copy / Image Tests
Navigation Tests
Search Box Tests
The Importance Of A Hypothesis
How To Create A Hypothesis
Hypothesis Example
Split Test Basics
Principle Of Persuasion
Campaign Scheduling
Optimization Calendar
Anatomy of Conversion Optimize Page
Elements on Conversion Optimize Page
Conversion Optimization & Target Audiance

What is Freelancing / Freelancer?

Required Skill & Tools to Start Freelancing

Creating Authority as Freelancer

Finding & Managing Clients

Business Proposal, Invoice & other Templates

Marketing Strategy for Freelancer

Building a Virtual Team

Tools & Worksheet to be Ahead

Scaling Your Freelance Business to Startup

Legal Docs, Types of Company & Expenses Required

(I will share my strategy- how i had started as a blogger>freelancer> startup without money)

What is personal brand?

Why personal branding is important for everyone?

Thinking out of the box of facebook and youtube.

Understanding who are you? (brand prospective)

Understanding your personal brand goal.

Defining your brand value proposition.

Creating your personal branding plan.

Brand Assets- creating a personal website / blog

Custom graphics for personal brand

Social media setup properly and PR promotion

Content planning to share what and when to share

Tools to produce, promote and manage social media

How to build and manage contact lists

How to monetize your personal brand to make money / business

Tools and sheets to manage everything for personal brand

Finding Scalability opportunity from your personal brand

Monitoring personal brand reputation and ongoing management

What is Content Marketing

Types of Content Marketing

Understanding Why Content is Still King

Content Creation & Curation Tools

Infographic Creation Tools

Video Content Creation

Content Writing & Paraphrasing Tools

Publicizing Content Properly

Content Promotion Tools & Strategy

Content Monetization

Understanding PLR, MRM Content

Content Management  Tools

Content Marketing & Automation Tools

Our Courses

Learn Digital Marketing &  SEO, Google PPC Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Wordpress CMS, Lead Generation, etc

Learn HTML/CSS, JavaScript with jQuery, and Bootstrap, Dream Viewer & cPanel to design a beautiful website for you and your clients.

Learn PHP and MySQL and start developing web portals and apps like a pro! and get a dream job in MNC’s in IT industry.

What & Why Digital Marketing?


To be done in digital or electronic medium


Getting customers interested into your product.

To start with the basic introduction “Digital Marketing refers to the marketing and promotion of products and services as well as names of and indivisual or an organization over digital platform through various electronic channels like search engines, business portals, social media, emails, blogs, videos etc on computers or on mobile phones.”

Digital Marketing is the only marketing platform wherein an advertiser can analyze and evaluate the data like where is their customers, which market is giving them maximum audience, where from the meximum profit is coming, how many people has seen their ads, how many of them clicked and how many of them bought their prodcuts or like their brand and many more analytics.

Digital Marketing is one such field that has never seen any recession phase and will never see that as Going Digital and Growing digital is what the Industry demands now. With the introduction of “Digital India” campaign 4 years back by Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi the digital Platform has already made its mark and its expansion is limitless. More than 20 lakh jobs are expected to be generated by the year 2020 in the Digital Marketing field. So, it’s absolutely a secured field. And Click Perfect is the best digital marketing institute for the Best Digital Marketing course Anybody who is thinking of becoming a Digital Marketer does not have to worry about the job security in the future as Digital Marketing is here to stay.

There is no restriction of graduating from a particular stream or having done a specific degree course before starting a digital marketing training program without all these things you can grab this best digital marketing course.

Digital Marketing’s growth is totally dependent on internet users. And the best fact is, internet users are rapidly increasing in India from last 5 years. Small and medium businesses are also going online to increase their sales because Digital Marketing is improving interaction of businesses with customers online. The growth of digital marketing industry attracts many students to make a successful career in this booming industry. In India with a rapid growth of online businesses, it is expected to have a high growth in Digital marketing career in coming years. So, choose the best digital marketing course as soon as possible. and now you can also get the best specialization course like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Analytics, Google Ads or Adwords, Blogging & Adsense etc. So, just don’t compromise with your future and come to best digital marketing institute.


Weekday Class

  • Duration : 2.5 Months
  • Hours : 80+
  • Tuesday to Friday

Weekend Class

  • Duration : 2.5 - 3 Months
  • Hours : 80+
  • Saturday to Sunday

Sunday Class

  • Duration : 3 Months
  • Hours : 80+
  • Sunday Only

Happy Students

Avinash Gupta,Student

Click perfect is the best institute for digital marketing, I personally feel if you want to get better knowledge about […]


My career was into Content and Client Services and I was eager to have an alternative career w.r.t photography and […]

Phalguni Sen Student

I really enjoyed a 2-day workshop at Daulat Ram College, Delhi University. the session was very informative and new things […]

Tools & Technologies

8 Google Certifications

Google Ads Fundamentals
Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Shopping Advertising
Video Advertising
Digital Sales Certification
Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

Placement Opportunity

Who Can Learn Digital Marketing

Are you a Working Professional?

  • Boost Your Salary By Up to 40%
  • Be a Part of Highest Growing industry
  • Earn Part Time or as a Freelancer
  • Add Most Demanded Skills to your CV

Are you a Fresh Graduate?

  • Boost Your Salary By Up to 40%
  • Be a Part of Highest Growing industry
  • Earn Part Time or as a Freelancer
  • Add Most Demanded Skills to your CV

Are you a Fresh Graduate?

  • Increase Your Employability
  • Chances to work as a part-timer
  • Create your own online store
  • Get Paid to manage social accounts

Are you a Working Professional?

  • Increase Your Employability
  • Chances to work as a part-timer
  • Create your own online store
  • Get Paid to manage social accounts

Are you a Business Owner?

  • Promote your business globally
  • Get more leads for business
  • Learn how to create an online brand
  • Sell your product on E-Commerce Sites

Are you a Business Owner?

  • Promote your business globally
  • Get more leads for business
  • Learn how to create an online brand
  • Sell your product on E-Commerce Sites

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Fee Structure of Digital Markeing Training

Our Course Module

̶7̶,̶0̶0̶0̶/̶ 5000/- Only

One week Training for any digital marketing module such as SEO,Social Media,PPC,Affiliate Marketing etc including study material,lifetime trainer support & Certifications from our institute,Google,Facebbok & Hobspot

All Course Module

̶3̶5̶,̶0̶0̶0̶/̶ 25,000/- Only

3 Months Training for Advanced Digital marketing module (22 complete Modules) including study material,lifetime trainer support & 7+ Certifications from our institute,Google,Facebbok & Hobspot

Getting Started is Easy

Discuss with a Career Advisor

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how it will help you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our unique course is designed specially to make you start something your own such as freelancing or online business and based on practical approach and our trainer are not trainer they are industry expert-entrepreneurs as well as provide lifetime support.

SEO is an “organic” and free process of increasing traffic to your website by leaps and bounds. It is not alone about search engines, instead, it is a complete package of enhancing your customers’ interaction with your website. A higher ranking in the search engine ensures the trust of target audiences in the authenticity of your website.

Digital marketing enables you to hone yourself as a professional and provides lucrative opportunities for you to earn in fields including affiliate marketing, you can earn as a blogger, freelancing, website designer, social media management, freelance SEO services etc.

Digital Marketing ensures global outreach for your business, enabling you to find new customers with small investments whether you are running a local business such as restaurant, beauty parlour, coffee shop or a global software agency or finance consulting anything, A meticulously designed digital marketing campaign provides a zenith of benefits for a business including a strong presence on social media, reaching targeted audiences, measuring and analyzing clicks, impressions, and conversion, and ensured an increase in revenue and ROI.

Digital marketing offers targeted and optimized conversion rates in comparison to traditional marketing. Digital marketing enables reduced cost on advertising, real-time results, exact customer targeting, geographical marketing, brand development, higher customer reach, effective analytics and ensure business success.

Digital marketing enables you to hone yourself as a professional and provides lucrative opportunities for you to earn in fields including affiliate marketing, you can earn as a blogger, freelancing, website designer, social media management, freelance SEO services etc.

We accept digital marketing course fee in all kind of payment mode including Cash, Netbanking Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Wallet such as Paytm and  also Paypal

Yes, we do provide tools, software, themes and plugins such as ranking checker, drag and drop website builder tools, and content writing/proofreading tools.

The nearest metro station is Hauz Khas, Vasant Vihar and Munirka which is on the Magenta line of Delhi Metro rail. for any help regarding direction and reaching call: 9266665961

Yes, we accept fees in max 2 installment but not more than this!

Yes, at Click Perfect we offer certification in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ad, Facebook Blueprint, Hubspot and Google Mobile Sites Certification.

We have dedicated Placement assistant person who helps students from creating a resume to registering on job portals and lineup their interviews, preparation for digital marketing interview question-answer and help them crack digital marketing interviews to assured selection in MNC’s.

Our digital marketing course duration is 3 months which can be done in fast track also in just 2 months if you want for any reason. and if you are enrolling for any single module it takes 1 week (7 days) to complete one module such as SEO or any other.

Our highly skilled and certified trainers are mostly industry experts having more than 8-9 years of experience and are running multiple startups or freelancing business and they will be your mentor guiding you to become a digital marketing professional and boosting your business employing various digital marketing strategies.

At Click Perfect, we aim at not only imparting knowledge about digital marketing’s various nuances, instead it is our objective to make you industry ready and guide you towards assimilation into the world of digital marketing and we are 8 years old south Delhi based digital marketing institute started by a digital marketing veteran.

Anyone with basic computer knowledge can enroll in this course. The training is specifically recommended for students, business professionals, website owners and marketing people who want to embark on a bright career.

Why Us

We offer complete digital marketing training courses and additionally, we have web designing courses and web development training as well and training and on-going sup...

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Siddharth Singh

Social Media Marketing Trainer


SEO Training Expert

Simranjit Singh

Digital Marketing Trainer

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Academic Manager

Shamsher Khan

Digital Marketing Trainer

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