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Affiliate marketing Training Course

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Affiliate marketing is the sales tactic which helps in improving the sales by recommendations of products and services by others. Affiliate marketing includes referring of product to others and earning money.

These products and services are suggested by the influencers by using mainly social media platform such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Each time with every buy these influencers earn commission by unique links which are included in their videos or posts.


How does affiliate marketing help?

  • It helps in an online sales boost
  • Profits and commissions are given to those who are helping you in selling
  • Helps in expanding the size of the market share
  • Ensure in brand management and representation
  • Helps in driving more traffics


Who should opt for affiliate marketing?

  • Who want to make a full-time career
  • Any businessman who want to manage and bring extra traffic to their website
  • Who want to work as a freelancer 
  • Who want to grow their business at low cost
  • Who want to learn as a skill for skill development




  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • Sources to Make Money Online
  • Why Affiliate is Evergreen Option
  • Requirements to Become an Affiliate Marketer
  • Affiliate Program Selection (niche selection)
  • Applying or an Affiliate Program
  • Building Assets for Affiliate Promotion
  • Payment & Payouts Settings
  • CPC, CPA, CPI & Other Metrics
  • Promoting Affiliate Products
  • SEO Strategies for Affiliates
  • Blogging for Affiliate Promotion
  • Different ways to Monetize Your Affiliate Site
  • Affiliate Marketing Extensions & Plugins
  • Performance Metrics Analyzation
  • Affiliate Marketing Networks
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools of the Trade
  • Question – Answer to clear doubt and recapture everything



Who are the affiliates?

Affiliates mainly include:

  • Content sites and blogging sites
  • Influencer networks
  • YouTube channels
  • Instagram and Facebook pages
  • Google ads


How do affiliates get paid for their work?

Affiliates get paid in the form of commission or percentage. It means when the customers buy the products from the affiliate’s unique link, code or source, affiliates get a fixed amount of commission on each buy.


What is the fixed commission rate for affiliates?

The commission rate may differ from company to company but in most of the cases, the percentage is based on the total sale i.e. approx 10%.


Do small companies/brands even prefer affiliate marketing programme?

Yes, More than bigger brands. There are thousands of small companies which are using affiliate marketing for improving their brand representation and drive more sales. 


Who can be an affiliate marketer?

Anyone, There are no particular skills required for the affiliate marketing but you need to understand how the business model works for building up their audience and gaining the trust.


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