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Business Blogging Course

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Business Blogging


A business blog is a section of the website or a standalone website which is devoted to writing their company, product or service related information and ideas. Business blog plays a vital role in a successful website and web marketing which has been utilized by most of the online businesses.


Why blogs are so important?

  • Blogs are highly informative unique content which includes highly relevant keywords.
  • It helps in increasing customer interest.
  • Adding videos, images and links improve the engagement.
  • It also helps in increasing the website online ‘footprints’


Who should opt for this course?

  • Who wants to turn their writing interest into a full-time career
  • Who want to write for their own business to introduce in the market
  • Entrepreneurs who want to jumpstart their own business and start-ups
  • Who want to upgrade their skills 




What is Blog & Blogging?

  • Business Blogging Vs Blogging for Earning
  • Why You Must Start Blogging
  • 3rd Party Blog Platform Vs Self Hosted Blog
  • Niche Research & Selection
  • Domain & Hosting for Blog
  • Blog Installation using Self Hosted WordPress
  • Blog Customization & Branding
  • Blog Content Creation
  • Setting Up Social Media for Blog
  • Newsletter Subscription Setup
  • Blog Monetization Techniques
  • Different Ways to Earn from a Blog
  • SEO Strategy for Blog Promotion
  • Networking with Other Bloggers in Your Niche
  • Steps to Become a Popular Blogger
  • Must-Have Tools & Plugins for Blog Management
  • Question-Answer to clear doubt and recapture everything




How is business blogging different from regular blogging?

Business blogs are two major differences then personal blogs. 

  1. They are not the primary source of income
  2. A business blog is not a hobby like personal blogs


Why invest in business blogs?

A business blog helps in improving the visibility of the company website a publishing regular content in the form of educational blogs put together with confidence and raise relationship with your readers.


How much does a blog cost?

It does not cost more than website and yearly fee hosting to keeping the website running.  

Why using free services like and blogger is not recommended?

The main reason behind using and blogger is simple that they are not your own. So it always tend to held back and have some limitations that the company owns your blog.


Course fees

Rs. 5000

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