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Digital Marketing Training Course

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About Course

Learn Digital Marketing &  SEO, Google PPC Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Wordpress CMS, Lead Generation, etc


Digital marketing has become a prerequisite for a business or a professional, get trained by Click Perfect’s Google certified trainers to climb up the ladder of success. We employ an exhaustive in-classroom training of 3 months where you will learn a wide range of digital marketing strategies. Our modules focus on making you learn the intricacies of a plethora of techniques involved in digital marketing.   Objectives of Click Perfect’s Digital Marketing Program:

  • Gaining insights into strategic digital marketing techniques and working towards the attainment of competitive advantage.
  • Expertise in using digital marketing strategies, using search engines, social media, website creation, and online content development.
  • Honing your skills and making you stand above other professionals in the industry.

                              Here is a look of various Modules covered at Click Perfect Introduction to Digital Marketing:   This Module will introduce you to the world of digital marketing, various factors that influence the ranking of web pages in search engines and provide you a complete analysis of the digital marketing industry.

  • Difference between traditional and digital marketing
  • WordPress and Website creation
  • On-page and off-page marketing
  • Website optimization

  Search Engine Optimization (SEO):   This Module focuses on teaching optimization of web content and explaining the details on various processes involved in driving traffic towards a website organically. Students will get to develop real-world, practical skills required to built their career in digital marketing.

  • Basics of search engine functioning, indexing and web crawling
  • Organic vs. Paid search results
  • Google Algorithm functioning
  • SEO-based business analytics

  Social Media Marketing: This Module is designed to equip students with skills and knowledge required for using various social media marketing techniques, that are highly effective in increasing traffic on the websites. Here we aim at promoting a brand, reaching target customers and develop targeted social media advertising campaigns.

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Wattsapp Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing

Email Marketing:  This Module will focus on developing a marketing campaign where commercial emails are sent in bulk to potential customers.  

  • Creating relevant and targeted email content
  • Collecting email databases
  • Customer acquisition and targeting strategies
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Boosting business sales

  Google Analytics: In this module, an in-depth knowledge will be imparted on the use of Google Analytics, which is a highly effective medium for analysing the performance of the website, customer behaviour, bounce rate and active views.

  • Google Analytics data collection
  • Data analysis and processing
  • Generating reports
  • Understanding user behaviour

  Pay-per-click Marketing (PPC):  The PPC module aims at spurring direct traffic to websites. In this model of Internet marketing, advertisers must pay the website owner or publisher only when their advertisement in clicked.

  • Creation of compelling campaigns to attract target campaigns
  • Selecting keywords to make the campaign effective
  • Comparing, defining and measuring keywords for profitable marketing efforts

  Google AdWords Certification:  Here you will acquire expertise in various skills required in creating Google Advertisements, where advertisers pay for the display of advertisements about their products and services.

    • Understanding the concepts of Paid Search
    • Generating quick revenue
    • Increasing brand visibility and Heightening brand awareness


  • Creating campaign strategies based on targeted audiences

    Affiliate Marketing: In this module, you will be introduced to various components of affiliate marketing and in-depth understanding of generating leads and increasing conversion rates.

  • Description of Affiliate Marketing Platforms
  • Creation of Affiliate Marketing programs
  • Tricks and tips to enhance affiliate marketing
  • Techniques to develop affiliate marketing

  Frequently asked question on digital marketing by students, professionals and business owners:   What are the benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing methods? Digital marketing offers targeted and optimized conversion rates in comparison to traditional marketing. Digital marketing enables reduced cost on advertising, real time results, brand development, higher customer reach, effective analytics and ensured business success. What will be the benefits for my business from Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing ensures global outreach for your business, enabling you to find new customers with small investments. A meticulously designed digital marketing campaign provides a zenith of benefits for a business including strong presence on social media, reaching targeted audiences, measuring and analysing clicks, impressions and conversion, and ensured increase in revenue and ROI. How can I earn money through Digital Marketing? Digital marketing enables you to hone yourself as a professional and provides lucrative opportunities for you to earn in fields including website designing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, etc. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why is it important? SEO is an “organic” process of increasing traffic to your website by leaps and bounds. It is not alone about search engines, instead it is a complete package of enhancing your customers’ interaction with your website. A higher ranking in the search engine ensures trust of target audiences in the authenticity of your website. Why should I learn from Click Perfect? At Click Perfect we aim at not only imparting knowledge about digital marketing’s various nuances, instead it is our objective to make you industry ready and guide you towards assimilation into the world of digital marketing. Our highly skilled and certified trainers will be your mentor guiding you to become digital marketing professional and boosting your business employing various digital marketing strategies. Do you provide certification for various modules covered in the Click Perfect Institute? Yes, at Click Perfect we offer certification in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ad, Facebook Blueprint, Hubspot and Google Mobile Sites Certification.

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