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Bulk Email marketing Course

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Email marketing


Email marketing is the highly compelling digital marketing strategy which helps in interacting with the customers with the help of emails to convert the possible leads into customers. These emails assist in generating website traffics, leads or signups for business and strengthening personal relationships.

For effective email marketing, the content should be reader engaging with personalised terms and interesting graphics. It is important that each newsletter or email have some offers/values for the readers. Visuals make sure that the readers adapt the most significant information effortlessly.

Modules of Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing-

This module outlines the basics of email marketing, importance & effect on business and relationship with customers. 

Commercial email Vs Business email-

It is important to understand that there is a difference between commercial email and business email. It will help in building your business credibility and increases the professional perception in the first instance.  This module will provide the solution for all business email.

Understanding Permission Based email Marketing

Permission based email marketing is the basis of every marketing strategy. This module will helps in learining about Permission based email marketing, which means asking for permission from before adding it as new contacts in your email list. Why it is important? Permission based email marketing shows your respect towards the addressee privacy. It does not allow the buying of email lists.

Single Opt In Mail Vs Double Opt In Mail


This module will help in understanding about the single opt in mail and double opt in mail meaning, definition and importance and how to choose single or double opt. it will also covers the strategies of opt in email marketing and how to chose the most apt email marketing strategy for effective outcome.


Extracting & Collecting Email Data

This email marketing module will help in understanding the meaning, importance and objectives of collecting email data. It will also covers the information regarding the tools anf data extraction techniques used to obtain most structured data from emails.



Subscriber Opt In & Opt Out Option Integration on Site-

This module will help in understand the meaning, significance and objective of subscriber opt in and opt out integration. If the opt out and opt in emails used efficiently it will definitely help in increasing the click through rate and growth in new subscribers.


Email Marketing Server Setup Process

The goal of email marketing is to increase the customer reach and awareness. This module will help you to lean to how to setup email marketing server and it process. It will also deals with strategies and process that are used in email marketing server setup.


Email Marketing Service Provider (ESP’s)

This module will cover all the information related to email marketing service provider. It consist meaning, functionalities, importance and strategies of email marketing service providers. It will also consist training and consultancy related to email marketing and ESP.



Amazon SES Email Marketing Service 

Amazon simple email service is a cloud based email marketing service which helps digital marketers to send different notifications and transactional emails. it is an easy and cost effective way for sending and receiving mails. In this modles all the dertaikls related ot amazaon ses email marketing service will convered.



Designing Email Marketing Campaign

For a successful email marketing campaign, it is important to make sure that the recipient engaged with your business, take action and help in engaging more and more leads. 

It will also help in converting visitors into subscribers.



Email Copywriting Best Practice

This module will cover all the information rwealted ot email copywiring, its importance, and strategies related to copywriting. Email copy writing is efficient and effective marketing plan that provide result on time and under budget.


Sending and Analyzing Campaigns Report

Sending and analyzing campaigns report is as important as setting a good campaign for good results. This module will cover all the details that will help in analyzing the reports so that next steps can be taken as per the results for further strategies.


Handling Response from Email Campaigns

Response of the viewers is very important for understanding the performance of the campaign. The good viewer response rate  can be tracked with the help of the matrics. This module will cover all the strategies and matrics for email campaign responses.





Understanding SPF, DKIM, IP Blacklisting/Whitelisting



EMail Marketing CAN-SPAM Law


SPAM Folder Delivery Factors & How to Avoid

Sending professional emails from public servers sometimes not delivered into the inbox. There are numbr of factors which affect the delivery of the emails. This module will cover all the factors, problems related to email marketing and solution to avoid this situation while sending email.


Tools, Templates & Worksheet for Email Marketing

This module will cover all the tools, templates and worksheet that is important for writing and sending business emails. Through templates, email turn out to be more logical and crisp. Using a customized worksheet helps in building and managing the emails.


Question-Answer session to clear doubts & re-capture everything

After completing all the details and modules this question answer module will help in clearing all doubts and querries related to email marketing and recapture once again all the details covered in the previous modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should buying an email list is okay?

No. people who are on the purchased list are rarely there to hear from your company. Suddenly, receiving a message or even spam message they do not have any idea about who you are, and how you land on their emails. So this will make a bad impression on reader’s side.

How to grow email subscribers’ list?

The email marketing campaign only be successful because of right subscribers list. This list should consist of all the details of past, present and prospective customers information. It is also important to make sure that the customer list should be as focussed as possible. For example, they should be interested about the product or services that your company is offering.

Is email marketing is still an effective marketing technique?

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing techniques for small business to increase the reach in customers. The main reason behind this is that content is directly reach to the customers. So email marketing is the direct communication method from prospects and clients.


What is the top approach to build an email strategy?

There are mainly three steps which are followed for building an email strategy:

  • The first step is to specify the email marketing goal. It can be for customer retention or up sell the product. Determine all the aspects of goals.
  • Email should be aligned with the  digital marketing strategies of the company 
  • Finally establish the strategy and update the process if needed for continuous improvement.

Why to test the email campaigns?

It is important to test the email marketing campaigns as it will help in measuring the outcome. The best way to do is A/B test in which two campaigns are launched on the same time with same goals to achieve so that it can be measured that which campaign is performing better and to which focus on.

Is social media marketing is substituting email marketing?

As per statetics email marketing have three times more reach than both twitter and facebook marketing. So, Facebook marketing is an effective method of marketing but it cannot replace the email marketing. 

What is the best time to send marketing emails?

Best time to send marketing emails is differs from business to business as per their needs. So the best way to find out the time and day is to conduct test. For test, conduct the research, analyze the open rates and then just decide as per the results.

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