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Freelance Startup Training Course

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Freelance Pushup

Freelancer is the term which is commonly used for self-employed workers. These workers are necessary, not committed to any particular company or firm. Freelance workers get attached to the company or any project for a particular period and get paid according to their work. It provides freedom of working and choose your own time.


How freelancing is changing full time working-

  • It provides versatility in work
  • It provides freedom to choose the clients and projects without any restrictions
  • It provides the flexibility of location so one can work anywhere and anytime
  • It provides to work on multiple projects at the same time
  • No fixed income which means the more you work, the more you get paid 


Who should opt for this course-

  • Who wants to start their startup or business
  • Who want to add this as a skill in their resume
  • Who want to work as a freelancer



  • What is Freelancing / Freelancer?
  • Required Skill & Tools to Start Freelancing
  • Creating Authority as Freelancer
  • Finding & Managing Clients
  • Business Proposal, Invoice & other Templates
  • Marketing Strategy for Freelancer
  • Building a Virtual Team
  • Tools & Worksheet to be Ahead
  • Scaling Your Freelance Business to Startup
  • Legal Docs, Types of Company & Expenses Required
  • (I will share my strategy- how I had started as a blogger>freelancer> startup without money)
  • Question-Answer session to clear doubts and re-capture everything.



How does freelance writing works?

Freelance writing is the way of providing writing works to others for a fixed amount of commission. Freelancers are not permanent employees of companies. You can work without any limitations either from home or preferred space.

On what topics freelance writers work on?

It depends on the client’s needs.  Freelance writers spend their time seeking for project research and press release. Sometimes there is a need for more research than other projects so work changes as per projects.


Do freelancers get paid?

Yes, freelancers do get paid. Sometimes a freelance writer gets paid more than full-time writer but it depends on their writing style and skills. So if you have good writing skills and speed you can earn a good amount every month.


Do freelancers get a fixed amount of payment?

It depends on the projects freelancer involved with. In most of the time, freelancers get paid according to their work. Payment can be in the form of commission, incentives, fixed amount per project or a fixed amount per month.


How should I start doing freelance writing?

You can start it anyway but the best option is to always learn about the basics and tools that are mandatory for good writing. Another main point is to always have some high-quality sample work of your own handy. This will make changes as companies do ask for sample work before hiring any freelancer.


The best thing for freelance writing is continuity in learning. You will always learn and upgraded with your skills. 

And to help you here we have introduced a course on freelance writing.

Course fees 

Rs. 5000

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