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Introduction of digital marketing

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Introduction of digital marketing

All the marketing tactics that included electronic devices or internet marketing activities called as digital marketing. It includes all the channels such as search engines, social media platforms, email and any other website to connect with prospective customers and introduce new products or services to prospective customers.

Digital marketing is the umbrella term in which all the inbound and outbound marketing activities. For all the digital marketing strategies, every platform is used for supporting the marketing campaigns with the help of digital advertising, online brochures as well as email marketing. These digital marketing campaigns are supported through paid and free channels.

Most of the common platforms which are used for digital marketing are paid search or pay per click, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and marketing automation.


Who should choose to learn digital Marketing-

Digital marketing should be opted by all those who want to-

  • Learn and develop the skills and qualifications for career potential.
  • Students who want to serve in the digital marketing field.
  • Businessman who want to improve their marketing sectors to earn more profit in minimum efforts and resources.
  • Individuals who want to start their working as freelancers or switch over to new marketing strategies or channels for providing services.
  • Someone having a background in marketing but wants to build a unique branding presence in social media platforms.


Modules which are covered-

A conceptual overview of marketing-

This module will cover all the details regarding the activities or set of processes to create process, deliver and introduce the value of products and services for customers and partners. 

Introduction to digital marketing

This module will cover the full insights about the preface of digital marketing which includes search engines optimizations, social media marketing, email marketing and mobile marketing. 

Difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing

This module will cover all the details about how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing in different aspects of engagement and interactions. It will also include all the details about the channels which are used in both digital marketing and traditional marketing. 

Understanding digital customers

For planning strategies for marketing, it is important to understand the digital customers and how they involve through multiple channels. This module will cover all the details regarding the digital customers and strategies

Digital marketing research and philosophies 

This module concludes all the details regarding the strategies and philosophies which impact marketing research for digital marketing transformations. It will clarify all the details and information to address the issues, managing the information and implementing the results.

Digital marketing processes-

Digital marketing process module will cover the details about the terms and strategies which are used for digital marketing processes and steps for promotions. It includes all the steps of digital marketing processes, approaches and full marketing techniques from pay per click and search engine optimization.


Course fees-

Rs. 5000 

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