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Lead Generation Course

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Lead Generation


Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting readers or viewers into prospective customers. Strategies are set for generating contacts and to make sure that leads are quality and worth for the future.

The lead generation helps in:

  • Acquiring new leads
  • Nurturing existing leads
  • Score leads to calculating the value
  • Turn leads into sales


Who should opt for lead generation course-

  • Who want to make a full-time career in lead generation 
  • Who wants to put up as a skill
  • Who want to work as a freelancer




  • What is Lead Generation?
  • Lead Generation Plan & Strategy
  • Different Source of Lead Generation Analysis
  • Why Your Website is Not Generating Leads (Analysis)
  • Effective Copywriting to Increase Leads
  • Effective Landing Page Strategy
  • Creating Effective Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Free & Paid Lead Generation Campaigns Sources
  • Tools, Plugins & Landing Page Creation Tools
  • Lead Funnel & Lead Warm-Up Process
  • Leads & Contact List Management
  • Client Relationship Management Softwares
  • Webhooks & Connectors to stop Leads Leakage
  • Lead Generation & Management Automation
  • Strategy, Worksheet & Checklist for Lead Generation
  • Question-Answer to recapture everything you have learned



Is lead generation part of sales or marketing?

Lead generation is an overlapping space of sales and marketing. Marketing works helps in generating loads of leads for quality sales.


How long it takes for lead generation?

It is difficult to assume how much time it takes for lead generation because it is not a quick fix or short term project. It takes approx 6-12 months to see and analyze the actual results.


Which industry can take advantages of lead generation?

Sectors such as IT, financial services, software, merchant, medical, advertising, research and consulting, logistics etc.



 Course fees-

Rs. 5000

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