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PHP/MySQL Database Training

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About Course

Learn PHP and MySQL and start developing web portals and apps like a pro! and get a dream job in MNC's in IT industry.


Learn PHP and MySQL and start developing web portals and apps like a pro! and get a dream job in MNC’s in IT industry.

Introduction to PHP MySQL (Module 1)
• Introduction to Dynamic Websites
• What is Scripting?
• Introduction to PHP
• Introduction to MySQL
• Configuring and Testing software.
• XAMPP and WAMPP Installation

HTML Concepts (Module 2)
• Markup Languages
• Syntax of HTML
• HTML Tags
• HTML Forms
• Form Elements
• CSS Basics

PHP Programming (Module 3)
• Syntax of PHP
• Embedding PHP in HTML
• Embedding HTML in PHP
• Introduction to PHP Variable
• Using PHP Variables
• Understanding Data Types
• Using Operators
• Writing Statements and Comments
• Using Conditional Statements

PHP Functions (Module 4)
• PHP Functions
• Creating an Array
• Modifying Array Elements
• Processing Arrays with Loops
• Grouping Form Selections with Arrays
• Using Array Functions
• Using Predefined PHP Functions
• Creating User-Defined Functions
• Defining and Invoking Functions

PHP Advanced Concepts (Module 5)
• Reading and Writing Files
• Reading Data from a File
• Writing Data to a File
• Testing File Attributes.
• Managing Sessions and Using Session Variables
• Creating a Session and Registering Session Variables
• Destroying a Session
• Storing Data in Cookies
• Setting Cookies
• Retrieving Cookie Data
• Dealing with Dates and Times
• Executing External Programs

Introduction to MySQL Database ( Module 6)
• Understanding an RDBMS
• Understanding a Relational Database
• Introduction to MySQL Database
• Understanding Tables, Records, and Fields
• Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys
• Understanding SQL and SQL Queries
• Understanding Database Normalization
• Using the MySQL Command-Line Client

Working with MySQL Database (Module 7)
• Creating MySQL Databases
• Creating Tables & Specifying Field Data Types
• Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type
• Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
• Selecting a Table Type
• Altering Tables and Field Names
• Altering Field Properties
• Adding and Removing Fields and Keys
• Altering Table Types
• Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables
• Dropping Databases and Tables
• Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information
• Using PHPMyAdmin Tool

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