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Website Website Training Course

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  • Last Update September 8, 2019


Website planning and creation

a set of webpages of significant information from a single web domain is known as website. For an online presence or product/service branding, it is important to own a website. It is considered as a 24×7 platform for your prospect customers. Any customer who is interested in your product and services can view those on the website as per need.

Why to learn website planning and creation?

  • To plan out about the website which include number of pages, keywords, micro and macro element and total framework of website
  • To design eye catchy pages which help in grabbing the attention of the reader. It will also help in designing the blueprints.
  • To execute the design and put up website.


Who should learn this course?

  • Who want to make career in website desiging and creation
  • Who want to learn about marketing websites to the public 
  • Who want to learn about technical aspects of website designing and creating 
  • Who want to learn about most suitable tools and techniques for website planning and creation.


Modules covered

WordPress CMS/Website Design


  • What is a Website?
  • Benefits of Owning a Website
  • Types of Website & Portals
  • Requirements & Cost to Create a Website
  • Understanding Domain, Server, HTTPS & Other Technicals
  • Buying a Perfect Domain For Your Website
  • Purchasing a Hosting Server & Configuring with Domain
  • Understanding Different types of Web Technology & CMS’s
  • WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Blogspot, Weebly & Wix (Explanation)
  • Features, Benefits & Showcase of WordPress
  • Installing WordPress Website CMS on Server
  • Understanding WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • Configuring WordPress Website Settings
  • WordPress for Corporate Website Vs Blog (settings)
  • Theme Selection and Customization (as per your niche selection)
  • Conversion Focused Home Page Designing
  • Designing Service/Products Pages
  • Contact us, About us, & Other Required Pages
  • WordPress Photo Gallery & Multimedia Settings
  • Understanding Required Legal Pages on a Website
  • How to add Additional Required Functionality on Website
  • Chat, Popup, Contact form & Email Subscription
  • Plugin Installation & Configuration (multiple)
  • Yoast SEO Plugin for Website Optimization
  • WordPress Website Security
  • Backup & Restore of a Website (how to do for any website)
  • WordPress Hidden Features (explanation)
  • How to create any kind of Website using WordPress (Tips & Advice)



  • Do you need a new website?

Designing a website is important for all those who want to shift their business from offline to online platform. 

  • Do a new website helps in growth of the business?

Yes. A high-quality website definitely makes a huge difference in the growth of the business. A suitable website helps in grabbing the attention of the consumers towards the products/services.

  • How much time it is needed to make a website?

On an average it takes about 4-8 weeks for desiging and creating a good website but there are several variable factors such as size, complexity and features which affects the time needed for this.

  • How much one can earn from a website?

It totally depends upon the total number of traffic that is visiting the website. Of course it is a challenge but working and facing the challenge will defiantly makes a change.


Course details

Rs. 5000

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