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WhatsApp Marketing Training Delhi

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WhatsApp Marketing


WhatsApp is a free mobile application which works with an internet connection and let have chats with other WhatsApp users. Social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram are a famous platform but Messenger application like WhatsApp is widespread as it is a free application for targeting audience.


Because of covering the flexible features, WhatsApp gives the possibilities to communicate with your possible customers directly as per the need anytime. It is also good for providing personal attention from customer to customer.


The main features which make WhatsApp a powerful platform to share with your customers are:

  • Feasible with all types of multimedia contents such as brochures, catalogues, templates, videos, gif, pictures, audios and links
  • Number of members in one group can be up to 256 which is an ideal number of customers to carry out sales and consultations. Groups can be created as per need or areas.
  • WhatsApp is a quick option to send details and send reminders to your target audience 


Why WatsApp is so feasible for marketing?


  • More than 175 million people is enjoying the WatsApp actively in which 70% of users are using it daily
  • This application is working on more than 53 international and regional languages.
  • More than 100 million WhatsApp calls and 55 million videos are made daily


So if all the areas covered effectively then it is worth finding a great marketing platform.


Who should learn this course?

  • All the business owners who want to grow their business online but unable to incurred high cost.
  • For all the aspirants who want to work in the industry and want to learn all the modules and strategies step by step.
  • Who wants to learn about the tools that are best to use for WhatsApp marketing to improve the working efficiency.
  • Someone who want to develop, expand or multiply their business


Modules covered-


  • Introduction to WhatsApp business profile

This module will cover all the basics, importance, how it is feasible and why to choose WhatsApp as a business platform. It will also cover how to leverage the WhatsApp to grow the business and expand at a faster pace.



  • Overview of WhatsApp body content

This module will cover all the details about how to create the content of the body section as well as managing the details. 


  • WhatsApp marketing strategies and tips

This module will cover all the detailed information about WhatsApp marketing strategies as well as tips which can be followed for improving the performance of the brand on WhatsApp. 


  • Create a brand persona to chat & build a brand buzz

WatsApp is a personal messaging platform, so if any brand wants to grab customer attention on such a platform it must sound genuine and not robotic. This module will cover all the details regarding creating the brand and building brand buzz on WhatsApp group.


  • Overview of WhatsApp marketing tools

This module will cover a detailed introduction and uses about the tools which are important for WhatsApp marketing to improve the performance. As WhatsApp does not support advertisements and sending bulk messages can land the profile into the blocked list so these tools help in creating campaigns and reaching to potential customers through this platform.

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