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Google Pay Per Click Ads

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Google Pay Per Click Ads

What is Google Adwords (PPC) ?

Understanding Concept of Online Advertisement

How Google Adwords Program Works

Setting Up Adwords Account

Google Adwords Ads & Ad Networks Types

Google Adwords Campaign Types

Google Adword Express Vs Regular Adwords

Understanding Pricing Model

What is CPC, CPM & CPA Ads

Billing and Payment Settings

Adwords User Interface Dashboard Overview

Keywords & Customer Research

Understanding Keyword Match Types

Adwords Account Structure

Creating Search Campaigns

Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads (explanation)

Display Campaign Creation

Video Campaigns

Adwords Shopping Ads 

Mobile App Installation Ad Campaign

Google Adwords Extensions

Mobile Device Targeting

Adwords Bidding Types & Strategies

Landing Pages Best Practice

Conversion Tracking Code Setup

Remarketing Ads in Adwords

Campaigns & Ads Optimization

Understanding Ad Ranking

Google Adwords Tools 

3rd Party Tools for Adwords

Google Analytics -Adwords Integration

Measuring Ads Result Matrix

Google Adwords Reporting

Understanding Ad Policy and Rules 

Google Adwords Exam & Certification

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