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Google Ads/Facebook Marketing

We are specialized in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Sponsored Ads & Amazon PPC account setup & management for high ROI & Visibility.

Looking to increase leads and sales from online channels through your business website? Let us optimize your business through paid search marketing, Our pay-per-click (PPC) campaign strategy will aid you in driving traffic to your website.

Click Perfect caters to small and medium businesses and with the help of PPC marketing strategy created with by our certified professionals you will experience a plethora of opportunities. This is a highly effective strategy to advertise your business as a prospective customer is already exploring your product and is looking forward to purchasing it.

PPC, if done effectively, is enormously efficient in enhancing the profits of your business by leaps and bounds. This is a perfect platform for small businesses wherein a small expenditure on advertising will offer promising results for the business.

How PPC Can Help You?

In this mode of Internet marketing, advertisers focus on their target market by bidding on keyword phrases and their banner advertisements are displayed on web sites with similar content.  Every time a keyword query matches with your provided keyword, your PPC advertisement will be displayed for which you will have to pay a small amount for every click.

Our dedicated team of experts will develop advertisements considering your target audiences, target location, advertising budget, and product keywords.

Facebook Advertisement Sample

Competitive Advantages of PPC

PPC campaigns whether it is Google PPC or Facebook PPC advertisement for small businesses will assist in standing ahead of competitors and stay on the top of the league. Our PPC experts focus on implementing advanced marketing techniques catering to small and medium-sized businesses.

Benefits of Our PPC marketing strategy for small businesses.

we will target on enhancing your brand awareness among customers. The most critical part of this strategy is to become discoverable by your target audience, superseding all competitors. Our PPC advertising techniques will ensure that customers looking for your products or services land up on your website.

Among various digital marketing solutions available today, PPC is highly cost-effective as you only need to pay when your ad is clicked. Your ad can be viewed by millions of customers for free and until they click your ad you do not have to pay.

Why Our PPC Management Services??

We employ not just google ads but, diverse marketing platforms like:

  • Google Adwords:  It provides advertisers and small businesses an opportunity to research maximum keywords, thus offsetting the cost of PPC.
  • Facebook Campaign Management: This social media platform is the most widely used and effective mean of PPC campaign.
  • Instagram Ads Management: Our PPC campaign will create visual images to display your products and services enhancing the online appearance and endearing customers.
  • Twitter Advertisement: This tool is effectively used to promote your products and services and enhance your online presence among customers.


We are One Step Ahead in Implementing Ads / Marketing Technology

Here are several other “Click Perfect” services making it an ultimate destination for your small business marketing strategy.

  • Our experts will provide you with customized landing pages which is one of the most essential components for converting a lead into a customer. This is a dedicated page where a customer lands after clicking on your advertisement.
  • Our remarketing strategy of online advertising will focus on showing targeted PPC advertisements to users who already visited the site, thus increasing your conversion rates dramatically.


Still, have questions about how PPC can help you generate more leads and sales for your business fill the inquiry form to get a free consultation call from our PPC Management expert.

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