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Certification Program in Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Strategies & Tools

Course structure in brief–

  • Defining digital marketing strategy
  • An Overview of the digital marketing strategy process
  • Analyze your current situation and resources
  • Understanding your customers and the market
  • Your company, you, customer and the landscape
  • Tools to perform competitor and trends analysis
  • Overview of SWOT analysis for your business
  • Understanding elements that support digital marketing action plan
  • Psychology and neuromarketing tactics to outperform your competitors
  • How to increase the conversion rate of any of your marketing activity
  • Tools, checklist, worksheets, scheduler, and automation to manage digital marketing like a pro
  • Creating a custom S-M-A-R-T digital marketing strategy plan as your goal
  • Detailing into the pillars, people, process and technology
  • Productivity tools, hack, and strategy for busy people & work-life balance
  • We will share ebooks, tools, worksheets and custom strategy I have been using.

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