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Personal Branding

Course structure in brief–

  • What is a personal brand?
  • Why personal branding is important to everyone?
  • Thinking out of the box of facebook and youtube.
  • Understanding who are you? (brand perspective)
  • Understanding your personal brand goal.
  • Defining your brand value proposition.
  • Creating your personal branding plan.
  • Brand Assets- creating a personal website/blog
  • Custom graphics for personal brand
  • Social media setup properly and PR promotion
  • Content planning to share what and when to share
  • Tools to produce, promote and manage social media
  • How to build and manage contact lists
  • How to monetize your personal brand to make money/business
  • Tools and sheets to manage everything for the personal brand
  • Finding Scalability opportunity from your personal brand
  • Monitoring personal brand reputation and ongoing management
  • Questions- Answer to recapture everything learned so far

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