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Why Us

Why Us

We offer compelete IT Dolution and Digital Marketing including comprehensive web design and web development services backed by training and on-going support for clients that need it.

Our USP’s

We deliver extensive Web Services  including Digital Marketing Training, Digital Marketing Consulting & Web Design and Development services supported by client training and continuing customer support.

For samples of our client portfolio and trust during the last 8 years since we started, please browse through our visual portfolio google reviews and fill in the form below for an additional consultation for web design development, digital marketing and lead generation services or corporate and campus training.

How different is Click Perfect Consulting?

PRICE: We are confident enough that our services are the perfect combination of affordability, scalability and quality within competitive cost

OPEN SOURCE: We are building all websites in WordPress as it is an open source platform that enables company owners to own and handle their internet assets completely.

NOT JUST A PRETTY PIECE OF CYBERSPACE:  We’re a Digital Marketing, Development & Training Company , not just a pretty piece of cyberspace, which implies we’re never building websites or digital marketing without assisting the company for their long term brand assets benefits.

We care about ROI, Web Assets and Worth Learning training program

NO CONTRACTS, NO ONGOING FEES EVER: we don’t expect our customers to sign ongoing contracts, of course, but more importantly, on our services we won’t trap you! What does it means? Agencies will often boast that they have created their own CMS (Content Management System), if you are told this by a web design agency, it should be your first red flag. If an organization has created its own CMS, this implies that if you ever decide to move away from their facilities, your website will not’ fit’ into other CMS platforms. You’re going to be trapped, you’re going to lose your site if you leave them or you’re going to have to pay them to move it to your fresh platform.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Consulting Training & On-Going Support is unique in helping companies set up their online presence, manage and learning.
We provide ongoing support for website development project, digital marketing campaigns management and  lifetime phone/email support for students and professionals who have learned from us.

TRANSPARENCY:  we are transparent without client and always try to educate them technicality and provide all required information of their project after successfully execution.

ONE PERSON CONTACT:  Here for every project we assign a Client Success Manager who keep in touch with client and Our trainers are always available for students on whatsapp/email and chat.

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